Service Security -> BO.EngWorkBench

I have a user who is having issues opening up Engineering Workbench. And when I say issues, I mean issues…

When he click on Engineering Workbench from the Epicor menu, it opens up Method tracker. When he tries to open up Method Tracker, he is getting an error saying he does not have permission to access BO.EngWorkBench.

So, I log into Epicor on my computer and head over to Security Service Maintenance to provide permissions to BO.EngWorkBench…but when I search for that BO to be able to add permissions, it doesn’t exist. Which is weird, because I am like 99.99% certain that it was there a few weeks ago.

I did a fresh install of Epicor on that users computer today, and the issue still persists.

Does anyone have any idea as to where I am taking a wrong turn at?

Other notes:

  • I have reinstalled Epicor on his computer - issue persists
  • I can log into Epicor on his computer, and I can access the workbench and Method Tracker just fine
  • I am unable to locate BO.EngWorkbench in Security Service Maintenance from any computer using any Epicor login
    • I have had another admin try this as well, also unable to locate BO.EngWorkbench in the Security Service Maintenance menu
  • The user has the proper access to all of the required menu items in Menu Maintenance for this to work
  • This user just logged into Epicor on a completely different computer, and the issue persists

So, as far as I can tell this is most certainly a user issue, and not a computer issue. I am at a complete loss with where to look next. Anyone have some thoughts?