Service security maintenance

Hello everyone,

We’ve been trying to run the service security maintenance for ‘bo.JobEntry’ for the ‘DeleteByIDinbo.JobEntry’ method.
For the above mentioned method we’re trying to give an access of deletion to a specific person using ‘Allow access’ tab but somehow it’s not working. After defining all the steps according to the manual, any user can delete the line in the job entry.

Anybody has suggestions where it might have gone wrong?

Thanks in advance

Can you post a screen shot from Service Security showing the configuration?

Also, I would recommend creating a Security Group and putting whomever can delete in that group. It makes it easier to maintain later.

Maybe Delete is made in Update with RowMod=‘D’, and not with DeleteByID. Did you check trace?

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Here it is.
We want to define the access right for the single user only.
Still I’m unable to get the effect of this setting.

Update: It’s working but even though all the security managers are not added into that access group, still they can delete the job entry. But only security managers are able to do it. nobody else.

So does it works this way or we’re doing something wrong?

Can you please also tell me where to check ?

Ok, now click on DeleteById. You will get another tab which allows you to set the Default Access and then the allowed Groups.

we tried that.

But still, all the security managers are able to delete it and not the specified one.

Yes. Security Manager overrides Service Security.

You’ll have to do a couple of Method Directives to prevent Security Managers from deleting.

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we appreciate your help @Mark_Wonsil.
Thank you

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Heed Olga’s advice. There may be more than one method you’ll have to protect!