Service Security Method Error - The Disallow Access List has an invalid user or security group

Having an issue getting the DMT to work for Service Security Method. I am getting the error “The Disallow Access List has an invalid user or security group”. I currently have security groups in the AllowAccess column and none in the DisallowAccess. I have tried the reverse and neither seems to work. Not sure what I am doing wrong as we do a DMT on Menu Security using a similar format and it works fine.
Has anyone had this issue?

Yes I am having this issue right now. Did you ever figure out how to set the security groups to allow or disallow through DMT?

@MirandaC DMT now requires the Access column in the DMT template where it did not before so if specifying certain groups in the AllowAccess or DisallowAccess columns the Access column is required but should be left blank. If you need to allow or disallow access to ALL Groups/Users then the Access column would use the applicable value of Allow or Disallow.

Update: One additional item…if you are disallowing certain groups/users but want the “Allow Access to All Group/Users” checkbox to remain checked - you need to put “Allow” in the Access column, along with the applicable groups/users in the DisallowAccess column. DMT will uncheck the “Allow Access to All Groups/Users” if the Access column is left blank.

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Thank you so much!