Session valid for REST API calls but not appearing in EAC

This is a bit of an oddball thing I’m seeing.
I have a service that when started, goes out to Epicor and establishes a session of type WebService.
Every 5 minutes, it then calls Epicor and validates the session to make sure it’s still valid.
At this point, the session shows up in the EAC under the logged in service account.

I left my app running for a bit and reading through my logs, the session continues to be valid and API calls through to Epicor are still consuming that session ID without issue, however the EAC does not show a logged in user for that service account. Not really an issue, but also not entirely expected as I assumed the fact that I was consuming that session ID and the claimed license in each of my calls to Epicor would keep that user showing as in use in the EAC.

This is using v2 API. Has anyone see this before?

That’s weird it should show there are you sure you are sending the session header info in your calls?

I am positive that I am sending it with the calls

last check session is valid at 10:53

in the EAC just refreshed it (in the right environment too) and no session is there for this user

You can add server side logging for session, if you have access to the server.
This is flag <add uri="trace://ice/fw/session" /> in AppServer.config

I do have access to the server, would this tell me something more illuminating though? The calls are all going through just fine, the only weird thing is that it’s not showing an active session in EAC

What license type are you using?

Web Service license. when I log it in when I start my app, it shows in the EAC with the appropriate license