Set date on an operation

Hi all,
First, thank you for accepting me on the forum.
I would like to know if there is a way to set a scheduled date for an operation while in a job, other than manually placing every occurences of the operation?
The operations occurences are on different levels of my job tree, but I need them to be done the same day.
As it might help you, the operation I need to have a fixed date for is the painting.
I really need to fix this as the paintshop is my bottleneck.

You can go into job scheduling board and move around specific assemblies, or operations. It’s not very intuitive so it’s a little hard to understand what’s going on (so we don’t really use it) but that’s how you would move around the specific operations. (edit, that’s what you’re doing though isn’t it? I don’t know of a way to set that specific operation throughout the whole job to be a certain due date)

Beware though, if you reschedule the job, all of the operations will be reset to the stacked on top of each other mess that you have now.

have you utilized the start to start, start to finish or finish to start settings on your operations within an engineering method? I believe this is what you are talking about… you have two operations that either start at the same time or end at the same time.