Set Due Date in PO Suggestions

Hello everyone,
When a PO is created in PO Suggestions, even the same part is created by dividing the line. Due to Min order Qty, MOQ, etc. I believe this logic is correct.
But the issue is that the Due date is set to the same date.(by lead time). In practice, suppliers cannot deliver all at once.
Is there a feature that allows this Due Date to be set sequentially by line?
For example, if the top line is 1 day, the second line is 10 days later, and the third line is 10 days after the second line date. Is it possible to set it up like this?

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The operation date on the job sets the due date so you would have to create multiple ops with differing dates.


These suggestions are not PO suggestions created by Job, but PO suggestions proposed by Safety Stock. POs proposed by the job are affected by the job date, but as for POs proposed by safety stock, all POs appear on the same date by the lead time.

Not without some kind of customization. Setting your safety stock number higher may help your problem though. A higher safety stock number should cause suggestions to fire earlier and for lower quantities that your supplier can handle.

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I didn’t quite understand your solution
If I set the safety stock number higher, wouldn’t that result in more suggestion lines? (case below) 384 is actually the amount that the supplier can supply at one time. And it takes 10 days for the supplier to make another 384.

It could help you for future suggestions. For now you should just convert the current suggestions to POs and manually set the due date schedule.

Lowering your safety stock number could also help reduce the number suggestions as well. How was your current safety stock number determined? Is 770 days the real lead time?

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The above screen example is just data created for testing in Pilot. Not actual data.
I was just wondering if it is possible to automatically set the Due date differently in this case.
From what I’ve heard from you, it’s not set automatically and I guess I’ll have to set it up manually in the PO