Set the file name of the PDF that is created for auto print /email

Any way to set the file name of the attachment that is created when emailing via Auto Print in a Data Directive?

And more generally, any way to set the file name whenever any report is created (i.e. print preview, printing, running an SSRS report, etc …)?

Here’s what shows when using the email via Auto Print

When I attempt to test this function using a Data Directive, I get the error:

Program Ice.Services.Lib.RunTask raised an unexpected exception with the following message: RunTask: No printer found in the printer settings. Printer is optional only if Email or Fax settings are present.
Stack Trace:
at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.ReportProcessorBase1.RenderReportForPrintFaxOrEmailReport(RenderedSsrsReport renderedReport, Boolean serverSidePrint, Boolean ignorePageSettings, Boolean ignoreMargins) in c:\_Releases\ICE\3.1.400.38\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\ReportProcessorBase.cs:line 408 at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.ReportProcessorBase1.ProcessReportPart(String reportLocation) in c:_Releases\ICE\3.1.400.38\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\ReportProcessorBase.cs:line 161

I did complete the email.

@ckrusen did you figure this out? I just saw this because of the latest response and thought I would post an answer.

If you enable PrintRouting from within the Report Parameters of your auto-print

and then, in breaking and routing, for that Report just setup to name the attachment (I name it the order number in the example).


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When I originally asked, we did not have the Advanced Printing (the one that provides Break/Routing). Since purcha$ing the module and using it like you show above, solved the attachment name problem.

But what I’d really like is to be able to create the body in HTML so the emails look nicer. I currently build the email from scratch (all inside an Execute Custome Code block), but that doesn’t let me attach the actual PDF that is generated.