Set up BPM to remove the backflush flag once issued?

Has anyone set up a BPM to not allow a backflusg if material was already issued? I need to come up with some ways to control and manage substitutions, but manual issuing isn’t possible with the user / management base. If I issue a substitute before the backflush it will issue again on operation completion. I can mess with the backflush flag, but I’m worried about the gotchas that can mess stuff up.

One of the things I do is to change the related operation on the material if a backflush material is added after its normal operation is completed.

You could change the related operation to zero which would stop the backflush from happening since there is no related operation.

Unfortunately I am using the related operation in other queries as filters so that isn’t an option, although it is an interesting idea.

If you are issuing substitutes, are you not issuing complete? Job materials that have been issued complete are ignored by the backflush process.

I would have to check to be sure but the “these items are backflushed” warnings that pop up when you issue something would tell me otherwise. We have had problems before with things getting double issued.