Setting a numeric bound text box not to show 0

Just wondering how one would go about setting the value of a text box bound to a numeric field to not show the 0 when adding a new record on a UD form?

Users struggle to either double click to select the whole field or delete the 0 when entering in data :slight_smile:

I think the last time this came up, the suggestion was to make it a text field and cast the data to a number when needed.

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Thanks Aaron, I was thinking of that, and hoping there was a bit cleaner of a method. I was sort of hoping it would have been ok after the get new, then change the textbox.value to “”

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Why is it I can never find these things when I am looknig… Thanks.

It took me a couple of goes, but I knew for a fact it was there somewhere in this case, because I remembered reading it! That always helps.

Notice the current live discussion on “Null value within Quantity fields”, which seems like it’s close to what you’re wanting to do, too.


Hint: Google search is sometimes better at finding a post here than the on-site help. That’s no shade on the team here at E10Help just the power of the Google.


Adding to the google search will limit Google’s results to this domain.

I use this on lots of sites. Especially “poor” ones (like sites ending with .gov and .edu :wink: )


Yeah, forgot to mention that, that’s what I get for assuming everyone already knew that. :wink: Thanks @ckrusen