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I am trying to set a User Defined Checkbox in the JobProd table to True if a User Defined Checkbox in OrderDtl is set to True. I am thinking that the JobProd table is the right place to do this beings that it contains the order number, order line and job number. Is it correct to assume that this is the right place?
Details: Sales Team wants to be able to flag a job as Post Production Inspection Required. In my head this means that the sales team will flag an order line as “Post Production Inspection Required” and as a result of the flag being set to true, I can set the flag of the a user defined checkbox of the corresponding order, order line in the Job Prod table to True. If the condition of the user defined checkbox is true then when the product is complete Quality will be notified and will inspect the part prior to shipping. I haven’t worked out the end of this yet because I am unable to get the JobProd checkbox to change based on the condition of the OrderDtl checkbox.

I have accomplished something similar in the past for checking a user defined checkbox on the Part table to flag Inspection Required on the PODetail table using a Data Directive BPM Query. The query is as follows:
“Number of rows in the query is not less than 1”
‘’’’<for each ttPODetail no-lock , each Part no-lock where (Part.Company = ttPODetail.Company and Part.PartNum = ttPODetail.PartNum and Part.Checkbox10 = ‘True’)>’’’’
“Set the PoDetail.RcvInspectionReq field of the changed row to “True” expression”

I am trying to use the above method to accomplish the same thing but it is not working. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help

Try this ABL Code:

for each ttJobProd where ttJobProd.RowMod ne "".
    for each OrderDtl fields (CheckBox02) no-lock where OrderDtl.Company = ttJobProd.Company and OrderDtl.OrderNum = ttJobProd.OrderNum and OrderDtl.OrderLine = ttJobProd.OrderLine.
       assign  ttJobProd.CheckBox10 = OrderDtl.CheckBox02.

Note that we are getting OrderDtl.CheckBox02 and setting ttJobProd.CheckBox10. This will have to be changed to match your need.


Would I use this on a form event wizard?

Thank You for the response

BPM code on JobProd DataDirective In Transaction.

You are making the assumption that the job is already created when they check that box on the order detail line.

How do you want to handle it if the job has not yet been created?

If the job has been created, wouldn’t it be better to pace an inspection operation on the job? It would be a value added operation (thus a job cost) unless all of your inspections are considered overhead. You would also clock in and out of the operation showing when the inspection was done and by whom.

If you don’t add the inspection operation to the job, how do you intend to handle the flag? Are you going to prevent shipping and how do you propose to clear the flag if the inspection was done?

These are just off the top of my head. You can fill in the blanks.



I agree 100% with what your saying and I know that the job has not been created, I should have included that detail. A previous employee used the Business Objects to take over the work of the planning workbench and jobs are created through some custom code at a certain time of day.

I want to put the Checkbox on the job but our Quality team wants it on the Order Entry screen. They do not intend clocking the operation, I am not sure if they consider this job to be overhead.

The check would be performed after something we consider Testing, there is an additional operation that is used to clock the movement of the product from inside the manufacturing plant to outside in the shipyard.

I have not worked out all of the details of this process just yet but your questions do give me more clarity into how it should look and perform.

Thank You