Setting Date as a Constant

I have a dteEpiCustom field and I want it to display the current date.

I thought this was a simple procedure, but after I have gone through
the rule wizard and put the settings as:

Rule Description - Todays Date
Select View - UD101
Select Field - Date01
Rule Condition - Equals
Rule Value - Constant:Day

I clicked the 'Update Code' button so that it would put the code in
the custom script.

When I save the script and click test code, this is the error I get:

Error: BC30451 - line 43 (225) - Name
'CreateRowRuleUD101Date01Equals_Constant_Day' is not declared.

What do I need to declare? CreateRowRuleUD101Date01Equals_Constant_Day
is in the Sub InitializeCustomCode() subfunction...