Setting default PassedBin value in Inspection Processing

Good morning! So I just added a lot of new bin numbers to our stockroom, and now our QA guy is reporting that the Inspection Processing screen no longer defaults to any bin number for the stockroom. He can still function, but it’s slowing everything down since he has to manually type in the standard bin number. I saw that the fields used in Inspection Processing are all EpiBindings with no DB bindings, so I doubt a BPM would work here. Does anyone know how to set a default value here?

EDIT: Actually I just found some BPM adapters for Inspection processing :sweat_smile: I’ll investigate that.

Check your settings in Site Configuration

Here’s our warehouse defaults in our Site Configuration. It already pulled the correct value (00SR1) as the default bin when I opened Site Configuration. Am I looking in the right place?

oops, forgot the picture for a moment.

Yes, that is where to look. That was my best guess as to why it was not defaulting anymore. Hopefully you can get a BPM to work.

It’s fixed! I used the InspProcessing.OnChangePassedQty method and set up a base-processing trigger that activates when a passed quantity is entered. It checks if the Warehouse Code is the stockroom’s code and if so, it populates the “PassedBin” field with the correct BinNum. It’s still a mystery why any of this was necessary, though; Epicor probably wasn’t supposed to screw up its defaults just because we have more than one bin in the Stockroom now.

EDIT: Nevermind! That BPM broke the Save button on Inspection Processing, somehow. I’ve had that problem before and I have absolutely no idea what causes it, but disabling the BPM made it start saving again.

Okay now it’s ACTUALLY fixed! Haso Keric from the official EUG forum told me this:

“You are doing this BPM on BASE Processing which kills the default Epicor behaviour, you have to finish implementing the whole BPM… or… Do it in the Pre or Post Processing =) dont override Epicors BASE.”

I switched my BPM to Pre-Processing, and now it works!