Setting Picked Quantity in Fulfillment Workbench

Hello All,

I was asked to set up a UD date field that is set to current date whenever an order in Fulfillment workbench has Picked > 0. Can anyone send me in the right direction or refer me to some documentation for when the Picked quantity is set, I couldn’t find anything in Help. Then I can go from there and set up the BPM.

I currently have a custom C# data directive on PartAlloc table to set a UD Date for Allocated and Picking Dates but it isn’t working for Picked so I was going to try and do a BPM that piggy backs off of the method that sets the Picked quantity.

The picking happens after the Fulfillment Workbench process. After you reserve the inventory, you can send a request to the work queue to have a pick request submitted. It is from that queue that the employee selects the record and does the picking.

I forget the exact name of the queue. I think it might be “Material Queue”. It is on the MES screen and also on the main menu.

Thank you sir. Just what I needed.