Setting up a BOM to use a ratio of materials

We set up our "formula" (base) parts to be based on 1 unit.  So, in our case, if our "formula" looked like:

10% Mtl A
20% Mtl B
65% Mtl C
 5% Adhesive

We configured the part's method as 1 pound (LB) units:

1 LB = 0.10 LB Mtl A
          0.20 LB Mtl B
          0.65 LB Mtl C
          0.05 LB Adhesive

In our case, we went a step further.  We would never make individual pounds of the product so we have the "formula" part configured as a Phantom BOM.  So Part A's method would call for 1000 LBs of the "formula" part.  When the job is created, the formula gets exploded out as follows:

Part A, 1 EA = 100 LB Mtl A
                       200 LB Mtl B
                       650 LB Mtl C
                        50 LB Adhesive
                     1000 LB

I hope I explained this OK and I hope it helps.

Bob Beaghan

We use foam that arrives in 2 parts.  The foam uses 58% of part A and 42% of part B.  Instead of putting both materials in the BOM and doing the math every time, we would like to have a FOAMAB part number in the BOM which would use that percentage of each foam.  Wondering the best way to set that up?

Thank you