Setting Up Division GL Controls

We’re in the process of setting up Division controls, but have only been partially successful on the testing of setup. Not sure what we’re missing…
We’ve set up Division Control Codes (i.e. 00, 01…)
We’ve linked the Warehouse GL Control to the appropriate Division Control Codes.
We’ve set up Part Classes and their GL Controls for parts specific to divisions.
General Ledger accounts with divisional segments are also set up.

When we test, purchases of parts (PUR-STK and PUR-UKN transactions) post to the correct inventory account. But they aren’t posting to the correct AP Clearing account. When I look at the Inventory Transaction hierarchy for these transactions (PUR-STK and PUR-UKN) for how the credit posts, it says “If division segment is used, the segment value comes from accounts”. That statement is a clue to what we’re missing in the setup but I’m not sure what that statement means or what to do differently.

Any thoughts?

Are you on Ext Posting Rules or STD Posting?

Standard Postings Rules include the logic to substitute Department or Division segments based on the GL Control set up

For Example, if a cost of material GL control is set up as 5000-00 but the Plant that the job was shipped out of has a Division GL Control of 10, the Standard Posting Rules will use 5000-10

Extended Posting Rules do not include the logic to substitute the Department or Division segment. Based on the same example as above, the Extended Posting Rules will use 5000-00

We’re on STD posting rules.
Under the current setup, when we ship a job, the correct account is expensed, i.e. 5000-10 using your example.
However, when materials are received into AP clearing, our setup uses 2010-00 (AP Clearing) instead of 2010-10.


  1. Clearing account from Company’s AP Account GL control
  2. Clearing account from Company’s Inventory COS and WIP GL control
    If Division segment is used, the segment value comes from accounts.

So you need to check if the GL Control for both AP and InvCosWip are set and then verify if you actually have GL Accounts created.

Yes, I think we’re on the same page regarding setup….
AP (AP clearing account context is 2010-00) and InvCosWip (AP clearing account context is 2010-00) GL controls were set.
GL accounts 2010-01 (AP Clearing) and 2000-01 (AP Trade) were created as well.
So our setup is the same as you demonstrate below. I was thinking that was pretty straight forward, but since its not working I’m overlooking something.

The only other thing I would think of is that your Posting Rules are EXT. Our posting rules were stuck not to long ago and we had to install the EXT rules, then delete all the old posting rules, then re-install the STD rules. After that, it worked.

OK. We’ll try re-installing. Thanks for the help.