Setting Up External Data Source E10.0.700.4


I need to create an External BAQ, and I don't have an external datasource created. So, I'm trying to set one up.

First I ran External Datasource Type Maintenance. Type Name: BighamDS, Application Type: Generic.

Then I ran External Datasource Maintenance. Datasource: BighamDS, Datasource Type: BighamDS, ADO.Net Provider: SqlClientDataProvider.

Next, I clicked the Configure... button. Data Source: xxxxx-D1-E10. (xxxxx=site ID)

Okay so far.

Under Authentication, I clicked Use Trusted Connection. Test Connection gives me: Cannot open database "Bigham Database" requested by the login. The login failed.Login failed for user 'EPICHOSTING\xxxxxE9Service'. (E9?)

If I click off the Use Trusted Connection, and enter my login (that works in SSRS datasourcing), I get: Login failed for user 'xxxxx.jtrent'.

Surely I'm doing something wrong. Any advice?




Joe D. Trent

Bigham Ag Equipment