Setting up the Product Configurator

Our "go live" date is going to be stretched out because we are having a
problem setting up the Product Configurator. Our issues are
"multi-plants", setting up the part number so that "costs" are attached
to it, setting up work centers for a multi-plant environment, as well as
operations (our existing software is not multi-plant) AND last but not
least, making the process of creating a quote/sales order as painless as
possible for the sales dept.

We had a meeting with Don Agostino this week for two days and he is very
bright and helped us understand the setup process a lot better. We have
another meeting with him for three days in the last half of March. Is
there anyone out there who has gone through this type of setup in a
manufacturing environment (non-computer) and would be willing to discuss
what you did with us? We have a "Product Configurator Group" and we are
not in total agreement on how to proceed from here.

We are on Vantage 6.10.500 running on a MS2000 server with a Progress

Thanks for any help you can give us.

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