Setup UD Table with Linked Fields For Warehouse and Bin

Good morning,
I have setup UD09 as a holding place for some inventory that can’t be added to Epicor (yet). Part of adding these parts includes defining a warehouse and a bin. Right now those values are simply input by the user with text boxes and combo boxes.

However, I would like to limit their responses to only the existing warehouses, and only the bins for the warehouse that is chosen. I began this solution with a customized dashboard and a small data entry form at the top with combo boxes that would update depending on which values you choose.

Instead, I would like the user to add a new row to the table, and enter the data in the table (grid) view. I also still want the combo boxes for warehouse and bins inside the table view so that users can only enter values from those combo boxes.

Is this possible? This seems like it might actually be easier in Kinetic. What do you all think?
Thanks for your time!

I just found Advanced Column Editor Configuration. I think this is what I needed.

So I can use this feature, but I really wanted my bin list to be filtered by the chosen warehouse. Can this be done without programming? Can I do this right from a UBAQ?