SGMargin RDD Calculated Field Information

We do not own the ICESDK License and I understand if I had that, I would be able to see these expressions.

Would it be possible for someone to provide the expressions/formulas that are used to make up the calculated fields that are part of the SGMargin Report Data Definition. All I am asking is for the expressions that make up the following fields on the Sales Gross Margin Standard SSRS Report.


I have a BAQ report that utilizes the InvcDtl.LbrUnitCost, InvcDtl.BurUnitCost, InvcDtl.MtlUnitCost, and InvcDtl.SubUnitCost to get the values I require. 95% of the time this gives me the correct data, however, sometimes, I get a 0.00 cost. We utilize FIFO (which I really wish we did not as I believe this would make my life much easier.)

Any help on any of the above listed Calculated Fields from the SGMargin RDD would be most beneficial.
Thank you.

Just an update - I am guessing that the expression has something to do with the InvcDtl.JCLbrUnitCost, InvcDtl.JCBurUnitCost, JCInvcDtl.MtlUnitCost, and InvcDtl.JCSubUnitCost fields as those seemed to be holding the info I was looking for. Until this morning. They were now in the correct fields. I do not know what process occurred to get them there, but something happened. I would love to know what.

I can tell you that I ran capture in the Test environment and the values moved from the ‘JC’ fields to the fields that I expected. However, I do not know why they moved in the live environment today. I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT.