Shadow Copy slowing down Epicor?

What began as a single case has morphed into multiple.

I started a case with Support over scheduling not completing. This led to my support tech opening another case for Performance Diagnostics. The new tech had us run some tests and then came back with a list of changes to make:


We made the changes hoping our performance would improve. Instead, it became unusable around 7am and 12pm daily. I’ve been trying to work with Support to figure out which of their “fixes” to back out. (While our system wasn’t amazing before, the “Performance Improvement” was hoping to cause scheduling to work - our system was fine and usable prior to these changes)

Through some investigation, it appears to be some problem with the changes and Shadow Copy which is occurring at 7am and 12pm. While we are not shadow copying the drive holding the database, we are doing it on the OS. Testing things today, we moved the second backup to 1pm. Our slowdown did not occur at our regular time, instead it happened one hour later when Shadow Copy was now set to.

Support’s suggestion is to reindex the database. Anyone have a better suggestion or have an idea which of those changes might be the culprit? Otherwise I guess I’ll just back out everything they told me to do but I’m trying to assume that something they had me do would have been helpful and not all of it should be removed (although I may be giving too much credit)