Share Dashboard Parameters

I would like to have 2 dashboard queries share parameters. Seems like this should be possible but I can’t find a way to accomplish it. The top pane is sales data rolled up by customer for a time period. I’m using parameters for the from and to date for the time period. Would like to publish the customer id and show the rolled up part sales data for that customer for the same time period in the lower pane without the user having to enter the parameters again. Anyone know if this is possible and how I could accomplish it?

Thanks in advance
Andrew Crank
Butternut Mountain Farm

Were you ever able to accomplish this? DJD

I would not use parameters on the BAQ, I would use tracker fields as the filter for the query and then you could share the same filters with a BPM. I don’t know the answer to this, but I would test to see if the queries always fire in the same order when there are more than 1 query in a dashboard and refresh all is clicked. If they always fire in the same order, put the tracker panel on the first query and then you could copy the where clause into a Call Context field to pass to the other query.