Shared Folder Location UNC path as Attachment

Has someone come up with a slick way to share a shared folder UNC path location as an attachment to a record?

-Over the years we have built up extensive document libraries for each of our customers with a large variety of file types. It would be nice to be able to drill into this for each of our Customers right from the tracker or entry window.

Before I start developing; has anyone done this yet? Either through the attachments, or added a button to any screen to link to a network file location?


Something like this, yes.

It turns out that Epicor needs to be told to use its own default attachment path, so in one special case we’ve used another location and it all works fine.

We then use a BAQ and grid to show the relevant attached documents as stored in the Epicor attachment tables, and it’s simple within the customization to open either the location or the document itself with a double-click on the grid.