ShipDtl UnitPrice & ExtPrice = $0?

I’d like to add the UnitPrice and ExtPrice to the Customer Shipment Entry screen. The ShipDtl table is already bound, but the UnitPrice & ExtPrice fields from this table always seems to be $0. Any suggestions?

Can you pull from the OrderDtl table? You should be able to used it as a Linked Table.

@Jason_Woods I’m reading through the ICE 3.2 Customization User Guide and can’t figure out how to link to another table. It talks about binding or linking via the EpiBinding field, but doesn’t explain more about linking beyond that sentence. Any pointers for a newbie :slight_smile:

Sorry, I need to be more clear. :smile:
In the customization, you can go to Actions > Data Tools…
In the Foreign Key View and click “New Custom View”. Then add this:

Next, click “New Custom View” again, and add this:

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Thank you sir!!!