Shipped Check Box in Packing Slip on Ver 6.1?

We recently upgraded from Vantage 5.0 to 6.1. All the latest service
packs and patches are installed. We have a question about the check
box in the packing slip labeled "Shipped". In 5.0 this was ready to
invoice. And the box worked great. In 6.1 it is labeled "shipped"
this does not work quite as well. If we check shipped it makes the
items "Ready to Invoice" and closes the sales order line which we do
not want either. We might not invoice for 2 weeks after we ship an
item and this method would force us to manually delete invoices from
the get shipments in invoice entry every time we invoice. This could
be hundreds each time we invoice.If the box is unchecked it shows
throughout the system that the items are not shipped. (even though
it has a packing slip number and a ship date... duh?) We have called
support and have been told that others have had this complaint but
not enough to do anything about it (big surprise) and our only
option is to have custom programming. We are wondering is if anyone
has found a "work around" for this or has had custom programming to
change this? We find it hard to believe that no one else has this
problem and learned to live with it. Any insight would be

PS. I think we should have stayed at 5.0 and stopped paying support
for calls that have no answers.

Ryan Magaro
Quala-Die, Inc.