Shipped not invoiced order balance -- how calculated?


I have this order showing on Credit Manager:

The drop shipped but not invoiced line has zero price, but almost all the cost on the order.

The line was marked buy-to-order and shipped via drop shipment entry.

Is Credit Manager looking at the cost for the order, and then prorating the shipped value based on the shipped line cost, maybe?

I’m building a query that includes credit exposure I want to match to the Credit Manager Credit Totals group, and I’m off by some of these shipment balances, I think.

Thanks for any suggestions.



So “Order Balance” is basically OrderHed.OrderOpenCredit

As far as I see that is calculated as:
OrderHed.TotalCharges + OrderHed.TotalTax + OrderHed.TotalMisc - OrderHed.TotalDiscount - OrderHed.TotalAdvBill - OrderHed.DepositBal - AllocatedDeposits(ARPrepaymentTran) - ClosedReleasesUnshippedAmount - TotalInvoicedAmount


Hi jonathan, thisna good feedback, it is always good to get confirmation from epicor on logic/calcs etc