Shipping at Night

Just looking for thoughts and input

We have added a 2nd shift and we are considering shipping at night as well. However, once something is shipped it is invoiced. Yet, the package may not leave for almost 24 hours after the invoice happens. Does anyone ship at night? How do you handle the invoicing and actual out the door times?

If we tell Epicor it is being shipped the next day, the Ship Date, will it still generate an invoice?

We have a 2nd shift but we do not ship at night. Interested to see what other do though. Currently, everything waits in shipping until the next day and is shipped right away the next morning. UPS picks up multiple times a day from us. So it’s out by 9AM the following morning.

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This was one we had to overcome with multiple UD fields & BPM’s. In our business we ship many weeks before we invoice. We ship to the customer site and then arrange for a subcontractor to install the product. Once we receive photos confirming instillation is complete only then do we invoice. First step was to rename Shipped & Shipped date to Ready to invoice and invoice date. The with UD fields added our own shipped date and check box. We put field security on the Shipped (Now Ready to Invoice) so only the AR invoicing department can check it off. Created dashboards and BPM’s to all help with our process.

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The invoice won’t be created until the packer’s status changes to shipped.

You can generate the packer during the 2nd shift, but answer no to “Is this Packing Slip ready to Ship?”.

Then just update the packer’s status the next morning (or whenever it’s actually picked up).

An updatable dashboard would work well. Its uBAQ would show Packers with the status OPEN, with ability to change that to SHIPPED.