Shipping from a job without any qty available


Just a sanity check; when I sell a single MFG Widget, I set up a SO and a Job to satisfy the demand on the SO. Once I complete production we should ship from the SO, but instead a user decides to MFG-STK it in a warehouse and bin (I know; don’t ask).

A shipping guy happens across the Widget and decides to ship it. Attached to the widget is the traveler. The shipping guy locates the job on the traveler and ships from the job to the customer with a MFG-CUS.

Is it normal for Epicor to allow this? At the very least, shouldn’t the shipping guy get a warning saying that there is no more qty left on the job to ship, which should prompt him to look in inventory?



yes, it allowed, but wrong. I will even have planners that will change demand links to accommodate the shipment, but the job won’t close because the finished goods went to inventory.

I have a series of bpms to guide them thru the process, so accounting doesn’t have issues.

We have a basic rule that is hard for them. Tell Epicor what you are going to do and then do what you told it or it will make you pay in untold misery.


I have recently reviewed this “issue” as well. I would have bet that Epicor would stop you from receiving material to inventory from a make direct job.

Hi Paul,
We stumble across these issues too. Instead of amending the SO demand we reverse the MFG-STK transaction by receiving a negative qty from the job. Its puts everything back in its rightful place.

This phrase has become my mantra around this company for the last few weeks…

Just checked; the behavior is correct according to Epicor.; as “it will not stop you from making a sale”. Yikes.

There are always exception cases that something needs to happen. If they locked everything down too hard, pretty soon people stop using the system.

Out of the box Epicor will let you ship a job that has had no labour booked to it, no material issued and a quantity of zero completed - if you have good transactional discipline this will be anathema to you.

Heck if you can’t be bothered to look up the job number you just input you are shipping from stock, even if you don’t have any and all it will do is give a message that it will lead to a negative qty on hand.

If like our org and many others you have poor transactional discipline any kind of limitation would make the system unusable/grind the business to a halt.

In principle Epicor give you is a platform based process that will flow even if you are ultimately transacting rubbish. Within that platform they provide easy to use tools (bpm’s etc) that allow you to put system based checks and stops in place to stop rubbish being transacted.


Well said!

And to add to that, it’s smart/necessary to do this because every business is different and has different rules. What makes sense to one company does not to another. If they specialize too much, they loose market share.

Yeah; that would be an understatement for us. We are slowly digging out from under a mountain of bad data, and piecemail break down bad processes and habits. I currently already have a pile of potential pitfalls that I have to write BPM’s and other measures for to safeguard against. It is just hard to discover the need for new ones at every turn. We will get there one day though…

Welcome to Epicor!! (actually more like the manufacturing business in general)