Shipping to and then billing from logistics warehouses

I think this was previously discussed but I could not find it in the
archives. We are starting to do a large amount of business with
International Truck and Engine. We are to make shipments to 3
different logistics centers. The parts are to remain ours until
they are pulled and sent across the street to the assembly facility.
Each pull of one box generates an ASN and triggers a payment.

I am interested in seeing how others have dealt with this setup,
· Moving the parts from your main facility's inventory to the
3 outside warehouses. This includes keeping the sales orders
accurate, producing ASNs for shipping the parts to the outside
warehouses, and making the inventory transactions to move the parts
within Vantage.
· We were thinking each pull becomes a packing slip and an
invoice because the customer remittance only references the ASN

Soon we will be providing 40 parts to them resulting in numerous
pulls a day from the three warehouses. We need to find an efficient
way to process all of these transactions. We would appreciate

Joe Holloway
Technifast Industries