Shopify-Rest Interface to Epicor

Can anyone point me to some resources/documentation to setup a store front using Shopify?

I don’t think there is a prebuilt Shopify integration with Epicor - just an API you could program against from scratch. I think Jitterbit offers some kind of integration but we went down a different path so I don’t have any details.

I’m curious what path you went down. We’re currently in the middle of upgrading to 2021.2.30 and I’m interested in what approaches have been successful for interfacing Epicor to Shopify. Thanks for the link to Jitterbit approach.

We went with PartTrap ONE, not quite live yet but they’ve been amazing to work with. Here is an older thread with some other options ECC or alternative Ecommerce
If you are completely wedded to shopify I haven’t heard of any other pre-built integrations (not to say they don’t exist).

Automation Studio has well a well developed connector for Shopify. It looks like you’re still on E10, so you’d need to upgrade to Kinetic 2022 (I believe) but that would be the route that I would suggest for a Shopify integration.


Does App Studio in Kinetic 2021 have that same connector? We’re in the middle of that upgrade. We held off Kinetic 2022 for now because it requires a “.com” domain (can’t use “.local”) and I didn’t want to delay the upgrade while we worked through that.


Is Automation studio built into Kinetic, or is it an add-on? Or are you talking about the tool used to integrate to Salesforce?

Automation Studio is an add-on. It’s built on the Workato integration platform and has out-of-the-box connectors for Epicor, Shopify, and many other systems. You can essentially use the platform to build relatively simple integration “recipes” that transfer data between systems.

It is purchased by the number of authenticated connections that you need (sounds like you’d need at least one for Epicor and one for Shopify, in your use case) but I believe that you need to be on Kinetic 2022 for it to be available; it was just announced and released at Insights last year.


Thanks. I wasn’t at Insights last year so good to know.

@jepp speaks the truth… Automation Studio is a cloud product, but it is fully embedded into Epicor Kinetic 2022.1 and beyond. When you choose Automation Studio on the menu, it launches, authenticates your login automatically, and allows you to build “recipes”.
Recipes are basically made up of two parts:

  1. Trigger: Something that triggers the recipe to run:
    • Time triggered
    • Data Event triggered (new added record, Updated Record). Note that this is very similar to a Data BPM
    • Webhook triggered, or API call trigger - these allow you to trigger your recipe from outside of epicor, triggering a recipe to run. In both cases, you can pass data parameters to the recipe for further processing.
  2. Actions: (plural)… once triggered, you can take the data that was passed, and perform actions. Those actions could be done in either Kinetic, and/or some other “connected” thing.
    • Update / Add records in Kinetic - any business object typically supports adding and updating records.
    • Update / Add records into some other “thing”… this includes Salesforce, Big Commerce, Shopify, etc, etc.
    • do complex calculations
    • send emails, text messages, create text files, update excel files, update google docs, etc.

If you want to see the documentation on Workato, you can go to, and you can search for Shopify there and see all the actions you can process. You will NOT find Epicor in the, because our connector is private, but we have all the rest calls documented in epicor’s REST help documentation.

Here was our promo video for Automation Insights last year:

you can also read more here: