ShopLoad table

How is the ShopLoad table loaded? I am digging into the Shop Load Graph and am curious how this table is loaded since this is where the BAQs are getting their data for this dashboard.


Is this what you are asking about?

We’ve done some work in this area, and it’s not a simple task. The load hours are “calculated” each run, all the values are not necessarily stored. We wanted to separate “Available” from “Expected”, and our contractor had to actually create a new shop load report in order to accomplish that.

No, that’s shop capacity. We have that running.

Also, what are ‘What If’ hours? It sounds like these are hours in the schedule from ‘what if’ scenarios, but we don’t do that - as far as I know. So how would we have these What If hours?

@jimship shop load is created during the scheduling process. As for the what ifs what I have found is that Epicor does a what if schedule and then accepts it as part of the normal scheduling process.

OK so should we just disregard them than? And why are they different sometimes? What is the purpose of showing them on the dashboard?


Sorry, I never dug that far. I wanted to use them for my own what if process and they kept getting reset so I went another route.

When are they ‘calculated’ ?

When the shop load report is run.

In case anyone comes to this thread in the future, you can also regenerate the ShopLoad table using Conversion Workbench. Run the user conversions 590, 650, and 710.

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