Should serial tracked material still be in WIP

We are make to stock. We track serial numbers on engines. The job to complete the full machine is done but the engine still shows as WIP:

Also, fully matched is not checked. I kinda think it should be

Are all operations complete with the full production qty ? Did you receive the engines into stock (job receipt to inventory)?

all ops completed and the engines were received into stock before being used on the job.

The status would change from WIP to Consumed once you complete the Serial Matching

Thanks Harry. Do you know if it is just a transaction against a serial number? Looking at the jobs all the material has been issued so no impact to cost. Probably why it’s flying under the radar as very little impact to the job

Assigning SN Parts to the job is one thing, but serial matching is another step that needs to be completed. Once a parent parts has all of its children matched the fully matched check becomes true.

Without doing serial matching, you wouldn’t be able to do an RMA on an engine, if there’s a case customer only return the engine only as the S/N status was stuck on WIP.