Show UD fields and tab in tracker


I created a tab and a whole lot of ud fields in the Customer entry menu.

I’m just wondering, how do I show this in the customer tracker without having to redesign everything again in the tracker?


You could try exporting this customization (saves as an XML), make a customization of the tracker - but dont actually customize it, just export it.

Then take the specific entries from the customer entry xml, and insert it into the cust tracker xml. Finally, import that tweaked tracker xml back in.

It’s a little late now, but some pairs of forms (entery and tracker) share a base form, where any changes made to it can be used in either the entry or tracker customizations.

Hi @Metesh,

Create a new menu, apply the same customization and make it read only in Menu Maintenance.
It’ll work as a tracker.

Hi Calvin,

Thank you for your tip, it worked great.