Hi, all! It's been a looooooooong day. I decided this weekend was a good
time to wipe my server and put a fresh install of Windows 2000 Server, and
Vantage 5.0. Being a bit of a Win2K novice, I knew it was going to be a
little different from the previous upgrade from WinNT that I had done. Not
sure what I was thinking, but I lost everything. I just completed a
restore of the system state files and am rebooting. I'm pretty much
leaving for the evening, as I had made plans to go out! I'll be spending
the day here, tomorrow, I'm sure to finish the job.

With Active Directory running, I was not able to restore those files. I
was told I had to reboot into Directory Services Restore mode to do it. No
dice. Couldn't log in. I removed Active Directory (are you all cringing,
now?) and ran the restore. I rebooted, and received an error message
regarding directory services. I had to click "OK" to reboot to go back
into Directory Services Restore mode. You guessed it. I can't log in.

Anyway, all this to tell you about my first attempt at reinstalling
Vantage. I get to the first step, installing Progress. I click the button
to begin the installation, and the window disappears. Nothing happens. If
I try it again, clicking the install eManufactuing software button, that
installation begins, but quits because of the lack of a Progress
installation. Any idea why the first installation isn't working?

Feel free to give me any pointers on my OS issue, but I think the Vantage
issue is the most important. I can recreate fifty users and computers in
my Active Directory.

Gary Grenier
IT Manager
Bell Manufacturing Co.
207-784-2961 x245