Sign Manufacturing Companies

Are any of you working for small manufacturing companies? We are a $10
- 12 million dollar electric sign company that is noted for our quality
custom signage and rapid responsiveness. While many of our issues are
common to the production oriented firms, I'd like to begin an exchange
of information and ideas with those of you in businesses similar to
ours. Feel free to contact me directly so as to not clutter this group.

We have been implementing lean initiatives over the past 18 months and
our driver measures are not the same as Epicor's native reporting
mechanisms. Because of this, we are attempting to create different
reports that will more accurately depict if we are truly eliminating
non-value added efforts within our administrative functions and
manufacturing cells. If you are interested in this thread, please
contact me.

Thank you in advance.

Jim McKechnie
General Manager
Signtech Electrical Advertising, Inc.
(619) 527-6100

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How do you set an address to only be able to mail internally? I know
where to set delivery restrictions (only deliver mail from certain
people), but how can I set it so that this individual can't mail the
outside world.

Please respond to me off list so I don't clutter everyone else's

Thanks in advance,

Juliet Martin