Simple BPM won't "let go"

OK, so I don’t do a lot of BPM’s, but this simple one won’t “let go” of the record once triggered.

The pre-processing message pops up exactly as I want, but then the field is caught in no man’s land.
Tabbing, refresh, all result in a another popup message. it is like a bulldog that won’t let go.

The only way I can see to “release” the screen from the error message, is to sweep the screen clear with is not very friendly.

Any thoughts from those more experienced?

I am not a code writer so trying to stick to the wizards.



I think you need some more conditions. Short of that, if the intention is to not allow that field to be set to TRUE, you should explicitly set it back to FALSE before erroring out. If you dont want an error, replace it with a MessageBox

Thanks for the response Chris. This happens to be a price field that we do not want updated if the receipt line is invoiced. So to put it back like it was originally I would need to save the original value first and then replace it if the condition is true? Then show a info message box to inform the user what was done and why.

Appreciate the input.