Simple Service Connect WorkFlow to Modify PORel.PromiseDt when PO status is aproved


I try to create a very simple SCWF to modify PORel.PromiseDt when PO Status is aproved,
if I use the BO PO.Erp.Proxy.BO.POImpl.UpdateExt I obtein an error: The PO has been approved. Changes not allowed.
Epiocor support recommended me to make a trace to see what methods were called and the datasets being passed.
If i use the PO.Erp.Proxy.BO.POImpl.Update I dont’t get any errors, but the WF dont update the PromiseDt date. (4.9 MB)

Why are you using SC for this, a simple BPM would work.

I need to process an external file (xml) from a folder every time it is generated, the file only contains PONum, POLine, PORelNum and PORelPromiseDt. How can I do it from a BPM?

How is the XML file generated?


Set the literal value “true” to ContinueProccesingOnError and Try

No same error: “The PO has been approved. Changes not allowed.”
If I use this BO POImpl.UpdateEx my WF only works when PO status is unapproved.

If I use POImpl.Update I dont get any errors, “Operation completed successfully”, but dont update the PromiseDt field.

Is generated from a third-party application, they place it in a path.

Yes of course, using the flag “ContinueProccesingOnError”, the method will show the error but maybe it save the data.

Also try set the RowMod field to U only for PORel table

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It Works whit this: “Also try set the RowMod field to U only for PORel table” :smiley:

Do I have to return RowMod to how it was? :thinking:

The method not recognize by itself which row was modified, for that you must set the field RowMod to value U for any modified row

Oh! I understand, where I can learn more about Service Connect, The course that comes in epicor university is very basic, it is assumed that with service connect you can do exactly the same as you do with the graphical interface, but the documentation is very basic and lacking of examples