Size mismatch error when printing labels

Hi all,

We have a label printer set up and I’m trying to print via the “Print Tags” in the Office MES. Whenever I try to, I get a printer error saying “The roll of labels or tape inside the machine does not match the one selected in the application.” I made a menu item for a separate label and the same error occurs when I try to print. It says the label size is set to 17mm x 54mm and no matter where I try to change the size of the label (printer options, page size in SSRS) the size “selected in the application” remains 17mm x 54mm.
For reference, the size in the printer is 62mm x 29mm.

I appreciate any help, thanks.

Does changing the Printing Preferences on the printer itself make any difference?

That could be where the 17x54 is coming from.


Unfortunately it doesn’t. I’m able to print from Microsoft Word just fine, as well as P-touch editor. Also I thought I’d mention it’s a Brother QL-800 printer.

Client side or server side? If it is server side do you have them setup in printer maintenance? You can change the size there also.

Client side - I had an issue getting the labels to print the correct size. I went into company maintenance / email and reporting and set the SSRS print option to client printing only and paper size to use printer default. That will print the labels as whatever size the print options are set in page setup for that printer.


Hi Tammy,
They are client printers. I tried your fix but unfortunately no luck, I’m getting the same error as before.
I’ve attached an image of what I see when I try to print for any future replies.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 142350

Based on the error you just showed its a specific issue with that type printer. It says to check the size selected in the p-touch editor. I’ve not used that particular brand before so this is just what I found in all mighty google.

This youtube shows you how to edit the p-touch editor for that brand.

I found these through Google as well, unfortunately they weren’t very helpful. We don’t have 17 x 54 labels on hand, but it seems the only workaround might be to buy some at this point.