Slider Collapse on Outside Click

I’ve added a series of slider panels to Sales Order Entry that pop up when when the Unit Price of an Order Line is out of acceptable range (price == $0 or gross margin < a certain percentage) so the sales user then has to justify the given price.
When they click on OK or Submit, there is a check to make sure all required fields are populated - and this is working fine, even highlighting required fields in red.

The problem is if they click to the side of the slider, in the darkened area outside of the lightbox … the slider closes. No check for required fields, and no event fires (at least not one that’s visible in the console in debug mode)
There is an option on the Slide Out called CollapseOnOutsideClick, which is set to false… but it still collapses on outside click :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a way to prevent this behavior? Is there any way to see what is executed when no event fires?
We are on 2023.2

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Sounds like a bug.

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Might be a pain, but if it’s really important you may have a workaround available.

If there is a bpm that fires when the value is changed, you could use a BPM Data form.

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I’ll open a ticket :grimacing:

and look into BPM data forms … I’ve only heard of them in passing

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They aren’t quite as useful in Kinetic as they were in classic, but still valuable.

(In classic you could customize them.)