Sliding panel grids with pub-sub

Creating a sliding panel with 2 grids and pub-sub. Let’s say grid 1 displays companies (data view) and grid 2 displays contacts (data view) of the selected company. In a normal Kinetic form this works with pub-sub.

However in a sliding panel I only get the dataview row changed event (when clicking in grid 1) after I close that sliding panel.

Any suggestions how to achieve this in a sliding panel?

Dataview.RowChanged from a slide-out panel appears to work fine for me. Are you sure that’s your issue? Did you bind the grid properly?


Per my previous post

Create a DataView not linked to the database and fill it with data using a function. That all works as expected.

In a Kinetic form open a slider panel with a panel card grid to display this data. First row has focus on open. Clicking row #2 does not change focus. However arrow-up / arrow-down does change focus.


When second row is clicked, but does not have focus (focus remains on row #1) then only at closing slider the focus shifts to row #2. Please note the triangle in above image indicating focus is row #1 while yellow line and checkbox indicate that row #2 was just clicked. Clicking row #2 several times does not change anything.



When I also include this same panel card grid with the same settings on the main screen from which the slider is opened then clicking rows in the slider does work as expected.

On the main screen the panel card grid always works when clicking a row.

In order to get rid of the edit mode I set the Editor Model per column to read only. That works for me.