Slow Quote Line Retrieval

We do not have any slowdown when adding part master parts to quote lines,
the line becomes active instantaneously. However, we also do not have BOM's
associated with out parts.

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I recieved an e-mail from a user regarding the adding of additional quote
lines. When I tested it in both my test and live environments, versions 3
and 5, the delay was there, in all cases. The delay seemed to go away as
more quote lines were added, but the initial delay lasts as long as a few

Here's the problem:

"When we retrieve a part number from the part master file for a line in a
quote, it takes an interminable amount of time for the line entry page to
become active again. The screen changes back to show the part number and
description and the cursor does not show as an hour glass. You can even move
itaround but you can do no activities in the line entry screen for over a
minute. I am sure it is retrieving part history information that is
continuing to grow, but wow this is slow."

Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to resolve it, or is there
just some processor intensive record selection going on that takes a while
to process? What database tuning procedures would be beneficial to reducing
this delay?

We're running a P-II 450 server with 640 megs of ram, and a RAID array. Our
current version of vantage is 3.0, latest patch.