Small companies/warehouses running Epicor with less than 10 employees

Were looking to bring in one of our off site locations into Epicor as a separate company but are worried that the employees would not be able to handle the day to day of a full ERP system. Does anyone run Epicor with less than ten employees in a warehouse?

I would strongly caution that if you plan on using the entirety of Epicor engineering, job management, inventory, order entry, quotes, finance etc 10 people is not enough to keep that fully running up to date and also do their day to day jobs.

We mitigate some of this in our smaller facilities by running centralized finance which could be an option. But yeah a full Epicor ERP implementation on tiny sub 10 people company is wayyy overkill unless you plan on growing massively quickly over the next few months.

No jobs, engineering or anything of that sort.

This would simply be Purchasing, Receiving, Sales Orders, Shipments, and Invoices.

Were trying to gain insight on the actual data and sales of this branch of our company. We can use our existing locations to assist in the implementation/training. We have a central finance and purchasing team that would probably handle that piece of the business.

Oh that’s not bad they have to do this today in QuickBooks or whatever other system they are using. With a nice training and some hand holding you should be successful. Assuming the volume isn’ t huge.

I read all of the comments. I worked for a company who had eleven people including me. It was a new implementation from QuickBooks. It was quite a challenge getting them to embrace Epicor but we did it.

I also worked as a consultant for a company that had eleven people not including me. They were already up and running with Epicor 10.

It helps to have an expert in the company for training or outside help - especially if there are people who have never used an ERP system.

Note - that Epicor also has multi plant option (I think it may be called multi site in E10 if you have that option) which would make sense if you share part numbers or customers/suppliers with the other site.