So Many Posts

I think @klincecum has a problem, y’all. :sweat_smile:

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What gave it away?

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I go through bouts of FMS.

Now that you called me out, go answer my question:

I thought we already learned that at Insights?!

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Keep on posting dude… the more stuff sloshing around there is the more likely SOMEWHERE there’s an answer to a problem I’m having. Just because I’m not having the problem yet doesn’t mean that someday I won’t need to solve it.


Did you really think there was any chance I would stop? :rofl: :dumpster_fire:

Not a chance in you-know-where… but I thought it would be nice to just say it out loud.


I’m not the only one… @gpayne

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@klincecum LOL Yours are real time. I am going thru the forever alone’s on the weekend.

It’s possible I may be a Chatty Cathy.

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