Socket errors and Vantage disconnect problems

I had the same errors when I was modifying a live network.

I know Vantage Help on intermittent problems is poor, but they are probably
correct to point to the network as the likely source.

See the attached info I posted earlier:

While upgrading our TCP/IP Networking, I noticed that Vantage/Progress does
not handle network problems well.

NT Servers and clients can handle network errors (switch/Hub shutdowns,
cable disconnects, Very heavy traffic, etc.)
Most applications that were live while I was causing these disruptions did
not have any errors. I could disconnect a client while it's image file was
being loaded and then reconnect it to a faster port with out any errors in
the image file, but if I tired that with a machine running a Vantage session
I had the clients and data collection stations lockup. Not all of them, but
about 25%. I think what is happening is that most Apps make a network
request and then will wait for a response if the network is down
momentarily. Vantage does not seem to do this and if it does not get a
response to a network request instantly it hangs the client session.

My guess is that the majority of intermittent problems that users have,
could be traced to some weakness in the network. Which by it's very nature
has a lot of variables that would make problems appear intermittent.

So put in the best and fastest network you can afford have the cabling
tested and if possible buy all H/W from the same manufacturer (NIC's Hubs,

Hope this helps.


Jerry L. Solobay

IT & Admin Manager
Ebco Aerospace