Solution Workbench- The given path's format is not supported

I’m trying to install/ move a CAB file from 10.1.600 to 10.2.300 on a Cloud environment in Epicor. I get the error “The given path’s format is not supported”. I’m pretty sure 10.2 is backward compatible with 10.1 so the CAB shouldn’t be an issue.

Is there an issue with loading CAB files to a Cloud environment from my desktop? Is there a procedure I’m not aware of before loading a CAB file to a cloud Epicor?

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Just click on the Browse button for the Deployment folder and point it to your hard drive. I believe that’s what we had to do. It “knows” that you’re in the cloud and will use the deployment area for the system that you’re logged into.

Mark W.

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Hey Mark!

The “Browse” button? the Solution Workbench I have Actions > Install Solution and then the Solution File button.

When I use the Solution File button it points me to the C:.

To the right of the Deployment Folder on the Install screen.

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