Some machines don't log into Kinetic 2022.2

I could see trying to keep 7 around because it was awesome, but curious why you would have any machines with 8.1 still.

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“still” ?

I would have went with “ever”

I was trying to be nice and now you ruined it!

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Hi everyone!

Apparently we already solved the problem of the devices that cannot connect, I share the solution that we use for the following problem.

installing the server certificate on the computers that could not connect, as trusted root certification authorities.

Hi Carlos,

I thought that was mandatory, that is all machines required the certificate installed in there. Do you have Windows 8.1 machines as I do?

Haha well, that happens when you have computers running after 8 years, so no need to upgrade. Upgrade here at the Company goes along with buying a new computer. That’s just it.

Not all machines, just the ones that couldn’t connect, the computers that couldn’t connect have some windows 11, 10 and 7.