Some Part Tracker and Stock Status Counts Don't Mat ch at FYE


Do you have any jobs with operations that are marked auto-receive-even by
accident? Also, if you're on 4.0, are you sure you don't have an
"Inspection" warehouse? And could someone be doing a mass issue (even by
accident)? Also, be careful that no operations besides the last operation
on a job is marked "final operation" as that can mess you up. You can run
little Report Builder reports that will spit these out for you.

That's all I can think of at the moment, will let this perk for a few more


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Hi All

We have been on Vantage for about 16 months.
Originally installed 3.0. Now have 4.00.811 progress 9.0B Query

For months I have been exporting Inventory information from Vantage at about
month end to Excel.
It has never matched the stock status report by an always different
immaterial amount.
I always assumed it was due to a delay on my part between running the stock
status report and running the export ( cost updates or rounding differences,
excel to Vantage). Friday inventory went perfect (FYE 10/31/00 Inventory
taken COB Friday 10/28) so everyone went home early. The difference between
the stock status and the export was $142 on $311,000. Again I was not
concerned, but I had time to investigate while the plant was closed.

I found 27 cases where it was the counts that were different, not costing or
cost rounding. No one was on Vantage or in the plant.

When the auditor arrived at the (remote from me) plant Saturday am the
counts per the part tracker and the Quantity adjustment matched the count
tickets. However the stock status prints different counts that do not agree
with the tracker. It appears to me the export is the same as the Tracker.

We only use 1 Warehouse.

Today I went to the tracker and wrote down the counts. Then I went to the
stock status report for today and wrote down those quantities. Then I went
back through the Tracker. None of those parts have moved today. All
Tracker readings were the same 40 minutes later. The stock status report in
between the tracker readings all had different readings from the tracker
readings immediately before and after.

I then checked the differences Saturday to the differences today. Of the
dozen part numbers I chose, 9 had exactly the same error, not all with the
same counts. Three had new error quantities.

Has anyone seen the stock status report not equal the tracker?
What caused it?
How does one correct it?
Is my assumption, (part tracker and stock status reports are supposed to
match) correct?

Thanks for any insight.
I get the digest form, so I will not see your answer until tomorrow unless
you copy me directly.
Thank you

Allan R. Holmsten, CFO
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