SOPick list report, need to group by ShipToNum


In my PickList report, the order has two parts. The parts have multiple releases going to different address. Two releases having same shipping date, but having two shipping address.

If the ShipVia is different, two pages are printed, as 1of1 all is good. (except for the footer…but is to be delath with later)
If the ShipVia is same, (two trucks from same shipping company), the pick list gets printed on one page and only the first address is printed. Which is annoying ! So missing the other page with the second address…

So I figure I need to group by ShipToNum somehow…somewhere on the report, but I am not successfull so far…

If anyone can help me.

thank you


I resolved this.
After numerous trial and error I figured out where to place the grouping for the ShipToNum.

All is good now.