[Spam-60] conversion assistance & Epicor professional

We have made the conversion from our 5.1 production database to 8.0.X
several times. We have not had corruption issues but you do need to make
all the intermediate conversions which takes a while. It can be done
over a week end, over night if you stayed with it depending on hardware.
I believe you are correct that Epicor's utility is only offered in
house. I think that is a big reason a lot more people are not playing
around with 8.0.X. If you could go from prior versions to 8.0 directly I
suspect more folks would be kicking tires. We currently have 5.1, 5.2,
6.0 and 6.1 on a server so we can convert up to 8.0.X. I know, if we had
moved up to 6.1 we would not have these issues, but that is a story for
another time.....



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I recently received a proposal from Epicor for conversion assistance to
go from 5.0 to 8.0. Anybody with any experiences, or comments on using
professional services for the conversion?
Has anybody made the leap of faith on their own? Vantage cautioned me
that doing it on my own meant taking the database though each earlier
version and increased the chance of database corruption. My
understanding is, Epicor has a "in house utility" that skips the
versions in between 5.0 & 8.0, where they do the conversion and then
install it remotely onto my server.


Dan Shallbetter
States Electric Mfg.

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