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Allen's email has reminded me that I wanted to send out an email regarding the User4User conference.

I would like to thank all those involved in putting this conference together. It was everything I was looking for from a user group. The sessions were informative and I even learned a few things. I was able to really see the advantages of moving to 6.1, and brought those recommendations back to my company, with real solid evidence to backup the recommendation.

I hope that the MidWest group continues to offer this conference each year, and who knows maybe we can get other user groups involve.

Again thank you to all, and I'll see you next year.


Kathy Hambleton
Electron Energy Corporation
717-898-0660 (fax)

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Since the User4User conference, I have been able to set up several
BAM's. Thanks again to all the presenters. I have one BAM that is
intended to tell me when we start work on a certain operation of a
certain job. It fires when the "ActBurCost" field changes and tests
to see if that is the correct job and operation.

Since this is written for myself, it is fine the way it is but if I
wrote this for someone else, I would also need to test if it was the
first time or not. I noticed in GlbAlert.i that there is a reference
to "OLD<tablename>" that has the prior values for the record. That
would work great since I could test to see if the old value
of "ActBurCost" was zero, then send, otherwise don't send. How can I
access the previous record values?

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