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In order to use the Emp Link you must first go into Vantage under Payroll, Master File Maintenance, Employee Results Link, run results from the menu, create Links to Employees. Now you should be able to link using the Emp Link field. In the future any time you add an employee you should recreate the links, if you don't you will not get all employees data.

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I want to create a report where I can see Employee Last Name, First Name, 401K Ded, and 401K Deduction amount. I will want to put a date range parameter in, using Check date. I can get most of the way, but I am having issues with being able to link all info to the PREmpMaster so I can get employee names. On all other tables all I have for employee choice is the Emp Link, which returns encrypted info.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Melissa Hietala
UMC, Inc.
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